There are some couples that you never forget. Their charisma, unique personality, and all round great vibes just make the wedding day a one in a lifetime event, not only for them (as the soon to be married lovebirds), but to everyone surrounding them, including myself, the wedding photographer. Angela and Avery were such a couple. La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort provided the perfect spot for their union.

Angela’s larger than life personality, and cheerful spirit made us feel at home, and ‘amongst friends’ from the moment that we entered her room to capture her preparation, and we experienced some genuinely touching moments with her fun to be around mom, and her loving sister. 

In turn, Avery and his wonderful parents greeted us in his room with the same amazing vibes as Angela and her family had prior to us meeting with him. During his preparation his parents shared an emotive moment with him that we are sure he will treasure forever. Later on, our joyful couple had an exciting first look where  they could hardly contain their happiness at finally seeing each other in what was shaping up to be an unforgettable, and special moment in their lives.

Their beach side wedding ceremony only served to reinforce how Angela and Avery complemented each other as they read their unique, romantic, and sometimes humorous wows (Angela is such a spirited writer!). It was a ceremony that we (myself and my assistants) will never forget. 

Angela and Avery’s wedding day would have a spectacular conclusion in a reception full of laughter, (salsa) dance, and unforgettable memories amongst family and friends. It was a truly extraordinary day for us all!

May Angela and Avery’s lives be filled with blessings and happiness for many years to come. 

Wedding Planner: Sofia Bloom PR Weddings

Bouquet and Decoration: Natalia Liriano

Venue: La Concha Renaissance San Juan Resort (Puerto Rico)

Music: DJ Eric

Makeup and Hair: Ingrid M&H

Photographer: Nina Martin