The Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton Reserve is one of the most stunning resorts available on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Dorado Beach is a perfect venue for a luxurious, but relaxed beach side wedding. Our couple, Jeanne and Craig, picked the perfect place for an unforgettable ceremony and reception.

The Hotel’s Spa Botanico is an amazing location for photos thanks to its unique blend of architecture and nature. The Spa’s entry way has a gorgeous, and large, 100 year old Ficus tree which makes the area the perfect place for couple shoots, and it has just a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.

This is the area that was picked for Jeanne and Craig’s first look, and it couldn’t have gone better for our love birds. Their love was palpable from the moment that Craig arrived at the Spa, and anxiously awaited for Jeanne to arrive. Her arrival was magical, and we were able to capture some amazing shots of the couple in that area.

The outskirts of Spa Botanico offer a fairly large natural section of a green grassy field (with another gorgeous tree) which we utilized to photograph our couple with their bride’s maids and the groomsmen. It was a joyous moment where the wedding party got to share with one another, and it made for some amazing unforgettable shots, that I am sure our couple will cherish forever.

The Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton Reserve offers a beautiful beach for its guests, and the beach serves as the perfect backdrop for wedding ceremonies. Jeanne and Craig’s own ceremony was not the exception. The weather was perfect, it was warm, but accompanied by a refreshing sea breeze that soothed the guests as they waited for the proceedings to start.

Jeanne and Craig were married by two pastors (who were also their friends) from their church in New York. The ceremony was both serene, and unforgettable, as it was accompanied by heartfelt vows from both, of our groom and bride. Once again, Dorado Beach offered the perfect back drop for some truly stunning wedding scenery.

The Reception itself was filled with music, dance, and joyful moments between the guests and our newly weds. I am sure that everyone (including us) left Dorado Beach that night with memories that would last a lifetime. Jeanne and Craig were an easy couple to like, and photograph. They have a special bond that was easily transmitted through each photo, and they enjoyed every moment of their wedding day to the fullest. I wish them all the happiness and love in the world as they embark on this new chapter of their lives!

With love ,

Nina Martin

Venue: Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Puerto Rico

Wedding Planner: Evas Events, Ana Agosto

Decor: Lorraine’s Flowers

Make Up Artist: Raiza Montes

Wedding Photographer: Nina Martin