Old San Juan, located in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is not only an ideal place to hold your wedding ceremony for an old European (while in the middle of the wonderful Caribbean weather) feel, but also the perfect place for a romantic, and timeless Elopement celebration.

‘Romance’, ‘elegance’, and ‘classical’ are words that come to mind when walking through the city’s old cobble stoned streets.

In this session, I was graced with the presence of a beautiful couple, Max and Nina. Max comes from the United States mainland, and Nina originates from France. It was almost fitting then, that the architecture of one of the Western Hemisphere’s oldest cities fit this couple’s romantic vibes, perfectly.

Nina and Max, themselves, embodied a classic couple of a bygone era in the way that they were dressed for their epic elopement in Old San Juan. Her white dress, and his navy blue suit, made for a timeless and elegant look. As I snapped each shot, it truly felt like the couple belonged amongst the classy streets of Old San Juan, and its Old World European style.

We managed to make the best of our session by exploring every nook and cranny of the Rogativa Plaza, and other painteresque streets surrounding the Hotel El Convento area. Truly, once more, as illustrated by the following photos, Old San Juan proved its worth as the perfect place for a destination wedding, and in this case, an elopement worthy of remembrance.

Photos by Nina Martin