The Royal Isabela is a one of kind resort in the north western part of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. The resort’s sea side epic cliffs, secluded beach, and everlasting greenery provides for a unique setting that very few places on the island can match.

The Royal Isabela is a perfect venue to host weddings, and couple photo shoots. The variety of locales, with different vistas, makes this resort an amazing setting for incredible looking photos.

Thus, with the Royal Isabela, Mila and Luis chose the best possible scenario for their pre-wedding engagement session. The weather in the Royal Isabela was warm, though windy, which aided in adding flair to Mila’s glamorous dress. We could not have asked for a more perfect evening.

We started the engagement session at the Royal Isabela’s reception area, which is built, structurally, like an European windmill while possessing a beautiful garden on the inside of the structure. Afterwards, we drove the resort’s golf carts across its stunning Golf field, in order to explore the resort’s land, and its many epic sights.

We were able to capture some romantic shots of our couple in a wooden balcony above a cliff that offered an unparalleled view into the Atlantic ocean. As we traversed the resort’s property, the sense of wonder and adventure never ceased to inspire us. Truly, the Royal Isabela is one of the best venues to photograph engagement (and wedding) sessions at in Puerto Rico.

Photos by Professional Wedding Photographer Nina Martin