The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is an ideal tourist destination for vacationing, relaxing, and yes! Getting married! The island is full of venues and beautiful locales that are ideal for your dream wedding day!

If you are looking to have your ideal tropical wedding, you have come to the right place. We have narrowed down the 7 best venues to get married in Puerto Rico.

The following venues have been carefully selected based on our experience as wedding photographers in the listed venues.

St. Regis Bahia Resort (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico)

If luxury, natural beauty, and exclusivity are things that you are looking for when selecting your potential wedding venue. You need to give St. Regis Bahia Resort a good look. Located on a what was formerly a massive coconut farm consisting of 483 pristine acres and 2 miles of secluded beach with an epic view of the Atlantic Ocean, you will not find a more tranquil resort in which to host your wedding.

St. Regis provides a majestic canvas for the wedding reception of your dreams. (Decor by Emilio Olabarrieta Event Atelier and Photo by Nina Martin)

Featuring a stunning golf course, exotic wildlife in its unique sanctuary, excellent cuisine and close proximity to El Yunque National Forest (the only tropical rainforest in the United States), St. Regis is the perfect spot for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Contact the resort: 1-787-809-8000

Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve (Dorado, Puerto Rico)

Built in the 1950’s, and possessing some of the most stunning natural features on the island. Dorado Beach, like St. Regis, is one of the premier resorts in Puerto Rico. The resort has plenty of luxurious amenities for couples and guests intending to stay in it.

Few resorts in Puerto Rico have the same amount of epic spots for the perfect couple photos (Photo by Nina Martin)

As far as weddings go, the property has iconic spots such as its century old Ficus tree, and its gorgeous spa. The resort will provide epic backdrops to bride portraits and first looks. You will not regret choosing this venue for your wedding day.

Dorado Beach’s ‘beach side’ weddings are quite stunning as well. Its secluded beach is sandy, but possesses the right amount of rocky formations in certain spots to provide quite the painteresque background for some jaw-dropping images.

Contact the resort: 1-787-626-1100

Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Initially designed as a social club for the wealthy, the Antiguo Casino of San Juan is over 100 years old. The venue has some interest history to it. One interesting fact is that the building and its amenities were used as a social club by US ARMY officers during World War II.

After the war, the Casino would be turned over to the local Puerto Rican government, and used as a prominent music school. Clearly, there is a lot of rich history within this building.

The Antiguo Casino’s ballroom is large and luxurious. (Decor by Lorraine’s Flowers, Photo by Nina Martin)

As a wedding venue, it offers a classical Beaux Arts-style look for your wedding. Your guests will be treated to a large and quite spacious reception ballroom. The room is adorned with beautiful marble tiles and walls. The Antiguo Casino’s gardens, balconies, and grand central staircase will dazzle your guests from start to finish. One of the Antiguo Casino’s unique features is the ballroom’s twelve-foot chandelier.

This venue offers a true luxurious feel that you, and your guests will never forget.

Contact the venue:  1-787-690-5482

Condado Vanderbilt Hotel (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel marks an important historic milestone for the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, as it is its first luxury hotel. Its construction in 1919 marked the beginning of Puerto Rico’s current successful run as a preferred destination for high end tourism and weddings .

The hotel was designed in 1917 by the prominent architectural firm of Warren and Whitmore. Yes, this is the same firm that designed New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Built at around the same time that The Antiguo Casino was built, the hotel features a similar Beaux Arts-style to its inner design and construction. White walls, red marble tiles, accompanied by French windows, and lofty ceilings gives the hotel a century old high end look.

The Condado Vanderbilt is a perfect venue to host a wedding. The view to the Atlantic Ocean from its balconies is spectacular. Its ballrooms are well equipped to host a memorable wedding reception for your guests, and the hotel has other amenities that are sure to please them. Condado Vanderbilt is in close proximity to other high end resorts, and the fabulous Condado nightlife. It is an ideal Hotel for a honeymoon as well.

A Ceremony with a gorgeous view into the Atlantic Ocean is one of the many perks offered by The Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. (Decor by Eclectik Events and Photo by Nina Martin).

Contact the venue: 1-787-721-5500

Casa de España (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Casa de España was designed in a Moorish Revival style by architect Pedro Adolfo de Castro (who holds the distinction of being the first Puerto Rican to graduate from a U.S. school of architecture). The building dates from 1934. Although it is named “Casa”, the building itself has never been lived in by a family.

Because of its unique architecture and interior design, Casa de España is a beautiful venue to host your wedding day. (Decor by Natalia Liriano, and Photo by Nina Martin).

Casa de España is practically a moorish palace. Its main fountain is a copy of the one in the “Patio de los Leones” at La Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Therefore, despite being conveniently located in the Caribbean, the venue offers a taste of Spain in Puerto Rico. This makes it an unique, and exotic venue in which to get married in.

Located in Old San Juan, which is the most historic (both in age, and architectural design) location on the island. The venue offers a classic look from a bygone era that requires little decor in order to offer a beautiful, and timeless experience to you and your wedding guests.

Contact the venue: 1-939-272-4054 

Hotel el Convento (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Located in the heart of Old San Juan, Hotel el Convento is one of the oldest Hotels in the western world.

If you want to have your Wedding in one of the oldest and classiest European constructions in the United States, Hotel el Convento fits the bill perfectly.

Founded in 1651, Hotel el Convento is the oldest member of the Historic Hotels of America program. With a rich history of different owners within a large array of time periods, the nearly 400 year old building was established as a luxury “boutique” hotel in 1960’s and later renewed again in the 1990s.

As Wedding Venue, few places in the entire western hemisphere provide as convincing and enchanting a trip to the past as this venue does. Despite its historical architecture and classical location, modern amenities such as a gym, pool with a heated jacuzzi, valet parking and comfortable rooms make it a perfect place for your wedding guests to spend your special day with you, and an unforgettable honey moon if you plan to stay at the hotel in your wedding night.

The hotel’s location makes it perfect for bridal, and couple portraits around the Old San Juan area, including the ever popular Plaza de la Rogativa, The magnificent Castillo (Castle) San Cristobal, and El Morro’s fort.

Contact the venue: 1-787-724-2808

Hacienda Siesta Alegre (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico)

Hacienda Siesta Alegre is one of the most popular venues for destination weddings in Puerto Rico. The location provides a stark contrast to other venues on this list because this hacienda is all about nature, and the peace and tranquility that comes along with it.

Hacienda Siesta Alegre’s proximity to El Yunque’s National Rainforest, makes an attractive destination for couples looking to get married while also enjoying some of the more adventurous natural tourist attractions that the island offers.

The Hacienda has a pool, and 10 rooms available for some of your wedding guests to stay as well. Its construction will provide an excellent back drop for your reception, and the property has a few painteresque spots in which to hold your ceremony in.

Contact the venue: 1-787-887-7500